Sunday, May 3, 2009

East Coast livin'

Greetings from New York City!!

So for the past week I (Scott) have been in New York City in preparation for an internship that starts tomorrow (the 3rd). You might think, Hey, cool, you get a free week of touring the city and seeing all of these amazing things with no obligations! But Megan hasn't been out here and it just isn't as fun without her. She's been in SLC/Provo working on a paper with one of her professors and getting things ready to come out here on Thursday! I'm so excited to tour the city with her. I am getting to be quite an expert with the subway here. I could almost be a tour guide on one of those cheesy double-decker tour buses. Okay, not really.

We're staying at some dorms called the International House by Columbia University. We ended up with a pretty good view of the Hudson River and Grant's Tomb. (Sorry, all of these pictures are going to be from my cell phone. This one is through a screen in my window and with bad lighting...)
I've found some Ukrainian places in East Village, I've walked through Times Square, I've been in the largest cathedral in the world, and yesterday I even went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with our internship group. Here are a few pictures to prove that I was there:
At the subway stop where we live. Yes, some subway stops are above ground.

Times Square. The 2009 ball is still at the top.

The Flatiron building.

This is a sculpture that was nicer-looking and stood in the main lobby of the World Trade Center towers. (That should explain the "was nicer-looking.") It now is a memorial in Battery Park.

Downtown New York City from the Liberty Island ferry.

The Statue of Liberty.

Big things are still to come from this amazing city. Stay tuned.