Friday, June 4, 2010

Virginia is for Lovers... and a job?

Hi everybody! Yes, our blog was still working--there wasn't anything wrong with your computers. The lack of blog posting-ness was on our end. We haven't felt that we've had anything excitingly newsworthy to post. If you've been following either of us on Facebook, you might have seen some of the random bits of news, but nothing had felt big enough to make it to our blog.

Until now...

Two or three months ago I found out that someone I had worked closely with in NYC last summer (my AE from Y&R) had moved to The Martin Agency in Virginia last fall. She was able to help me get a phone interview there. One morning I talked to someone there and I felt that it went really well. But in the weeks following no position at my level had opened up yet.

Until now...

Two weeks ago I got an email from another contact I had made at The Martin Agency informing me of an open position in his department. He helped get the ball rolling and the next morning I got an email and a couple days later I got a call about when I could fly out to Richmond to meet with some people there. In the next couple days I received an itinerary and last Thursday I found myself on a flight to Atlanta (and then on to Richmond).

I had such a great time! I met with 7 different people and I really enjoyed talking with them. I came expecting more of a classic "interrogation" kind of interview series, but it ended up being a "getting to know you" set of meetings. Everyone was really nice--I'd love to work with them. And the agency building was beautiful!

Richmond was beautiful, too. I'm really excited to find out how this will turn out. They said I'd hear back in a couple weeks, so by the end of next week I should know something.

Thanks for everybody that's been supporting us for the past few months! We're crossing our fingers for Virginia!